Tourist attractions in Sibiu

Sibiu County – an attractive destination for tourists

Sibiu County is located right in the heart of Transylvania, being a very important cultural, commercial and tourist hub. Blessed with mountains, valleys and plateaus, this region is a challenge for tourists who love travelling and discovering new and exciting places. The history of this county is controversial, consisting of numerous attempts, conquests and fights for power. The many tourist attractions outline the story of the area, each having special features that can be admired!

10 landmarks that should not be missed in Sibiu County

Vanatarea lui Buteanu Peak – Hiking enthusiasts should definitely visit Vanatarea lui Buteanu Peak. With an altitude of 2507 meters, this is the eighth highest peak in Romania and is located in the Fagaras Mountains, just two hours away from Balea Lake. For those interested, there are several routes that can be taken, almost all being crowded in the summer. The top view is worth it, taking everyone’s breath away. When the sky is clear you can even see Negoiu Peak rising far away!

The Dragons’ Window – Although those who hear hear about this site are mainly thinking about fairytales with princesses and dragons, The Dragons’ Window is a limestone formation located right on the ridge of Arpasel – a very beautiful area! Routes are marked accordingly and climbing up to the Dragons’ Window is not at all difficult. Tranquility reigns over the surroundings, offering tourists a moment to breath, away from the bustling big cities.

Balea Waterfall – Also known as Urlatoarea Balei, the waterfall is located in the Fagaras Mountains and is bordered on both sides by two of the highest peaks in Romania: Moldoveanu and Negoiu. It lies at an altitude of 1200 meters, being the largest waterfall that nature has carefully outlined in steps. The water drops from a height of 60 meters and it can be seen from very far distance! Tourists who want to have a close look on the waterfall can take a hike lasting about two and a half hours.

Magura Cisnadiei – During summer, Magura Cisnadiei is one of the favorite destinations for nature lovers. The special landscapes blend in harmony with the tranquility reigning over the surroundings. It is easy to get here from Sibiu City, the distance between Cisnadioara and Sibiu being only 10 kilometers.

Iezerul Mare Lake – A glacier lake in Cindrel Mountains, in the south-west of Sibiu County, Iezerul Mare Lake is located at an altitude of 1970 meters, offering tourists an incredible view! 320 meters long and about 190 meters wide, the lake has a maximum depth of 13 meters. Its shores are rather steep, but home to an extremely interesting and rare vegetation. Every year in August, on the site takes place “The Days of Iezerul Mare Lake” festival, where fun, appealing dishes and delicious drinks are the main attractions!

Sheepfolds in Cindrel Mountains – Cindrel Mountains is one of the prides of Sibiu County, the entire area being a natural treasure. The peaks that can be observed by tourists watch over stretched valleys covered by green grass or cloaked forests. The region provides shelter for many sheepfolds, the shepherds choosing perfect places for the growing sheep. Tourists who want to breathe the mountain air and enjoy the silence interrupted only by the sound of bells and birds should stop at one of the sheepfolds. Shepherds are happy to share with all their guests fresh cheese, sour cream or milk.

Cistercian Abbey, in Carta – The history of this place goes back in the 13th century, when a group of Cistercian monks arrived in Carta. They built a modest wooden building on the left bank of Olt River, which was later transformed entirely by blacksmiths from France. This is how the current Gothic building was created, which can be visited nowadays by religious history enthusiasts! Those who visit will be delighted to listen the story of the place, which is full of interesting legends!

Fantanele Village – Previously known as Cacova or Cacova Sibiului, Fantanele Village is a part of Saliste Town, where the Saxon dialect is mixed with the Romanian language. The number of inhabitants does not exceed 300, which makes the area special. Fantanele resembles a settlement where time has stopped, as people are very keen to the traditions passed from generation to generation. The place is surrounded by hills resembling a defense shield and the main feature of the area is the tranquil ambiance!

Transfagarasan – One of the longest and most interesting mountain roads in Romania, Transfagarasan attracts a large number of tourists every year. It stretches over 100 kilometers, crossing the Fagaras Mountains through Arges and Sibiu counties. Located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters, this meandering road offers tourists the opportunity to see cascades or stone tunnels from place to place. In winter, this road is closed due to risky bad weather conditions.

Paltinis Resort – Favorite of writer Andrei Plesu, Paltinis Resort is one of the treasures of Sibiu County. It is located on the north-eastern slope of Cindrel Mountains, only 35 kilometers away from the city of Sibiu. According to history records, Paltinis is the oldest mountain resort in Romania, being preferred by tourists both in summer and winter.

Rent a car – the best solution for getting around Sibiu County

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Sibiu County is a destination that everyone should enjoy!